Maple Baked Beans and Hot Dogs

I made 16 quarts of this and once again, not a drop was left. The kids really love this dish.

You can find the recipe here:

I might not have much to post about these next few days.  I am up to my eyebrows in finishing The Blog Tech's house and getting the guest house ready for Thanksgiving. Plus my house is still being worked on.  Month 6!  Have you started prepping for Thanksgiving yet?


You're a busy gal! Have fun doing it all!
Dee said…
Thanksgiving and all holidays will spent alone with the three of us - me, husband and our dog. We are going to go somewhere in our RV for this one. What I wouldn't give for the good old days!
Mary said…
This is my second year of Not hosting Thanksgiving. I told the children, when I turned 65 I would not be doing all three Holiday dinners. They were not pleased, comments like. we don't have all the plates. you have such pretty napkins, my favorite, you make such good mashed potatoes, hahaha. Well last year my step daughter had Thanksgiving, my daughter had Easter. Both were wonderful! I will admit I was a bit lost the morning of, not knowing how to fill the time until leaving for dinner. I managed. You seems to have your hands full this year.
greekwitch said…
What a wonderful idea those beans are. I have to try that!!! Yummy! I hope you will show us pictures of the finished houses! You are such a talented lady! Many kisses from half the world away!
Susan said…
Comfort food! It was one of my favorites as a kid, too. You are going to have to clone yourself to stay on top of all these house projects! Isn't it getting a little cold for outside-the-house work? We did warn you about feeding your workers your gourmet fare, didn't we?
You have so much to do so I really think You deserv a blog break for a while if You wish to :-)

No celebrating of Thanksgiving here so I'll just continue like I always do :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Looks very Quebecker, like the beans and lard we have at home. My dad makes baked bean with magret de canard.
Mary Ann said…
I have been gone two weeks and it seems like a century! I need to read backwards! We are going out for Thanksgiving, for the first time in years.
Nellie said…
It is no surprise that the kids like the food you take them! This looks delicious!

Just a bit of Thanksgiving prep here. Dinner guests coming before then, so I've two plans to make.