The In Between Time

 I love this time of year but it's a weird time for me.  I have so much to do between now and Christmas but it's a bit too early to start on things.  So we've been raking lots of leaves and shredding them and spreading them on garden beds. They've been spread on the ramps we planted last Spring. I am hoping for a good ramp harvest this year.

 It rained here last night which made for a grumpy Teddy this morning.

Chow chows do not like getting their paws wet.


Yes, Teddy does look king of pouty!
Nellie said…
I have the same feeling. Much to do, but really too early to do much of it! Teddy would be unhappy here. We've had a lot of rain in the past few days!
Anonymous said…
It rained so heavily here this morning that none of the dogs wanted to go to9 the dog house when I were going to work :-) I almost had to force them :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I love your post title. It feels like it here, time between time. I might use it soon for my own blog, if it is ok with you.
I'm the same. Just spinning my wheels waiting to get started on Christmas. Thought of doing it early as the family is gathering elsewhere..but..I'll wait. Mel is the same about her a pup she loved the water. Age does things to you. :) Sending your cranberry sauce recipe to daughter so she can make it if she wishes. LOVES new recipe's.. and this one sounds wonderful.
Mary Ann said…
We have two grumpy dogs here today, it rained most of the day, but I have a school program to attend at 6:30, and we did not have a walk today.