West Side Market Cleveland

 Early on Saturday morning, I took The Blog Tech and his fiance to the West Side Market to do a bit of shopping.  It was her first time there.

 When you enter, you walk through the produce section.

 Then you walk back outside and into the main terminal.

 I love the architecture in this place.

 The vendors are so friendly here.

 The selections are amazing.

Cheese cheese and more cheese.
 Thais is checking out the made to order cannolis.

 When we left, I took them straight to Randell's for a Big Billy.  Cleveland is the city of sausages and this one is the best of the best.

Happy kids! 


Look at those smiles! Oh, love!
LindaG said…
I wish many happy years for them!

Oh, to have such a wonderful place here in Louisiana. I miss the farmer's market in North Carolina; though I never saw such a great bakery/deli as you have there. :)

Hope you all have a blessed week.
Susan said…
I used to live close to the market many years ago - spent most of my young adult life in Cleveland. It was always my favorite place in the city and I still miss it a lot!
Kay said…
Wow! What a huge shopping area! The Big Billy is HUGE! Can anybody eat one by themselves? That looks like such a fun place to shop.
Anonymous said…
I wish we had something like that here, the closest place is in my old home town and that's just too far away I'm afraid.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Wow! That's my kind of hot dog!
Barb said…
They do look happy. It reminds me a bit of Pike Place Market.
They warm my heart! That look of love is in their faces and I am ...well..it brings back memories of long ago. They look so very, very happy. I hope that look is on their faces fify years from now. It was on mine for 43 years.
What a store! Amazing!! I would have to go to San francisco for something like that I think.

Those sausage hotdogs look wonderful. Um..what do you call them? Us Californian's ..well..we have to ask. :)