Christmas Trees

I have my tree but it is not up yet. However, I managed to decorate a small tree for my daughter.  She doesn't have much room for a tree so it had to be a tabletop.  She works long hours and didn't want to worry about watering one so it had to be an artificial one too.  But what the heck, fake is better than no tree at all.
 I bought a bunch of pics and silk flowers and used red and green ornaments.  Maybe Santa will make up for the small tree by bring big presents.


chickpea678 said…
It's a lovely little tree. I like your way of thinking: small tree / big presents, lol!
It's a beautiful little tree!
Mine is slightly smaller so I had to find tiny decorations for it :-)

Have a great day!
sandra said…
Fake and small?.. Yes, but beyond holds Christmas magic for sure! You have the touch! All your decor so far is gorgeous! I hope your starting to feel that xmas mojo. Looks like ya are ;] !
dkzody said…
LOVE the tree you made for your daughter. It is just perfect. I set up my tiny fake tree last night and put some big decorations on it. I have to go to the storage unit to get lights for it. Yours is much better.
Mary said…
Love your daughter's tree, we want faux, prelight and small a few years ago. Easy, never liked decorating those lower branches at my age.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Your magic touch has been at it again...lovely...
Guillaume said…
We are considering buying ours tomorrow. But for a real one, we wonder if it might not be too early.
ChgoJohn said…
You sure do have a knack for decorating. Everything you've shared with us has been beautiful,
That little tree is perfect for a young woman.
I will decorate our tree as soon as I find my lights..can't remember where I put them.
I do remember how to do it though..thanks to you.
It's an odd Christmas season..something is missing. Visiting the blogs is ...a wonderful thing..brings a bit of joy back into the season.
You know?