December 1st, Wet and Chilly

 Though the temps are on the warm side today, the rain is making this a very chilly day.

 Santa says hi.

 Teddy is having none of this weather.  It's a strange chow trait but she will go into the ponds and soak her paws to get a drink yet she hates damp paws.  Go figure.

She is content to stay inside and eat her treats.


greekwitch said…
Beautiful pictures!
Anonymous said…
Cold and the snow is till hanging around here. It will start melting tomorrow evening they say.It could just as well have been this way for a while now because my Sune has no problems with any kind of wetness or dampness :-)

Have a great day!

"Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." True for people and dogs alike!
Leeanna said…
It's not wet here just cold mornings mild afternoons. I feel blessed that it's dry right now.
Bobbi Rightmyer said…
It's cold and wet in Kentucky, but no snow yet. Nice photos!
Guillaume said…
Here it's only wet. Not chilly at all.
Nellie said…
Here we have had rain since Sunday! There had been a deficit for us in rainfall, but now we are in the plus column!
It's actually been cold at night here in sunny California. Woke to 30 degree's this morning and a bit of frost. A bit of rain on Thanksgiving..but otherwise nothing. Do you make Teddy's treats? I would love to know how you make them if you do. I make Mele's food now. I feel so smart! :)
Rue said…
Isn't it odd - you easterners almost always get snow or ice before we do in the west, but we have had snow, ice, and frigid wind for a week now - and no sign of improvement. I do hope you get some seasonal weather for the holidays, and Teddy finds her groove again.
Ian's Girl said…
Maybe it's an Asian breed mother had a Pekingese who loved the pool and being bathed....she'd jump in the tub and bark and whine til someone came and turned on the water... but she refused to go out in the rain. Daddy had to make a covered shelter in the backyard so she could do her business in inclement weather. (Why yes, she was spoiled, why do you ask?!)

Snow didn't bother her, just the rain.

I wonder if it's not the feel of rain pelting them, rather than the wetness?