Deconstructed Furniture

  Deconstructed furniture is a style that has been popular for a while and though it's not for everyone, I love the look.  I moved the old furniture that was in my garden room to the basement of The Blog Tech's house and I ordered this 7 months ago. It was finally delivered yesterday.

 It looks like what you would see if you removed the fabric on an upholstered chair.

I ordered extra pillows for all of the pieces.

The main fabric is Belgian linen.

The second fabric is burlap.

It has rusty exposed nails.

You can see the exposed substructure.

Rough stitching on the arms.

As I said, not to everyone's liking but I think it's interesting.


I never saw anything like that....very interesting. love the fabric!
Anonymous said…
it looks perfect in that room, the accents in the room blend to create such a beautiful woodland theme,
I like it!!
I really like the toadstools and the flower presses,, very much lol,,,
Anonymous said…
I didn't see what was different at first to be honest :-) But I like it. Don't think it has come over to us yet though, normally we pick upo any trend from the US fast.

Have a great day!

I've never seen deconstructed furniture before! Enjoy!
Jim said…
New to me as well. I like this too. It does look unfinished but functional.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Very interesting...and appears right at home...
chickpea678 said…
I really like it--where do you find people to make these things? We had crab hoezel for dinner tonight--thanks!
Kay said…
This is quite different, interesting and fun to see. I think it looks great! But it took 7 months to get it? Wow!
Now I know how to refurbish that old chair that's coming undone! Thanks for the review of demo(?) furniture....or is it funiture? Nice.
Ellen in Oregon said…
This is my 1st time seeing deconstructed furniture & while it may not be for everyone, it looks great in your home. For some reason it reminds me of Swedish furniture in that it has very simple clean lines. It looks both modern & vintage at the same time. Do you feel like a trend setter?

I made your cornmeal cranberry orange cake the other day & was the best cranberry cake I ever eaten. I almost didn't sprinkle the sugar on top, but was glad I did. It added just the right amount of sweetness & crunch to each bite. I have filled my freezer with lots of fresh cranberries so I can make this throughout the year. Thanks for another wonderful recipe.
Teacats said…
Looks wonderful!! LOVE the mushrooms!