Happy Boxing Day

 I hope you don't have too much to return.  I'm keeping everything I got.  I made raclette for brunch yesterday.

 Then I made an igloo cheese ball for The Blog Tech to take to a party he was going to.

And I made sole meuniere with French green beans and Israeli couscous for dinner.  It was a very good Christmas!  Did you have a good one?


Anonymous said…
I am slowly eating my way through the candy You gave me :-)

We're waiting for the snow to start falling here now, we might get more than six inches. It'll start falling some time during late night early morning tomorrow they say. I don't mind the colder weather but the snow could go elsewhere :-)

Have a good continuing of yule!

Oh, your famous igloo cheeseball! Yes, we had a lovely Christmas, thanks. Lots of gifts and a full turkey dinner which we shared with friends. Then games in the evening -- tile rummy, sequence, jenga!
Anonymous said…
oh I love it when you make that cheese ball, lol..
The fish dinner and the raclette look amazing!
Fiona said…
It looks like you have been busy and have had a great Christmas. I just caught up on your blog. Teddy is priceless! The Cheese igloo is really cool....and I think I will try one next year!
We had a very good Christmas at our new farm!
God Bless you and your family.
Guillaume said…
It's also the Feast of Stephen, when King Wenceslas did the good deed he is most famous for.
Mary Ann said…
We had a wonderful Christmas but we are WORN OUT! It's pouring rain outside right now, and snow is on the way. BRRRRRR.