One Week Until Christmas

Well, it's one week until Christmas, are you ready?  I am so far behind that I don't know what to do.  I've started wrapping presents but still have not baked one thing. Usually by now I would have upwards of a thousand cookies baked.  Not this year. After 40 years of excessive Christmas baking, I guess I can take one year off.  The workers finished yesterday until Spring which feels like it's happening right now.  We are having two cooler days and then back to the 60's again. My daffodils are about 7 inches high and my hostas are all coming up. My blueberries have buds on them.  This is all so wrong.
I managed to make one basket to give to a friend today and included this compound butter in it.  This is roasted garlic and rosemary butter and it is wonderful.

It's packed in a basket with lots of other treats and I have a loaf of bread baking to go along with it.  Maybe I'm not a total slacker.


Anonymous said…
Slacker is not a word I would use to describe You :-) I'm a sloth though and has done very little this year, even less than I usually do :-) I'll start with the ham on Wednesday and that's it I think, this year I'll just buy the rest, it's only me so I don't need that much to eat.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
You are anything but a slacker. You accomplish so much, especially all your foodstuffs for the after school program. Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
that gift looks lovely!!
The basket of goodies, sounds, so good,,

if there is an extreme opposite to slacker,, that would be you!!!!!
You are the busiest and most giving person I know!
Cottage Tails said…
We have no warmth here yet or sun... the seasons are sure out of wack. As for Christmas not a thing has been done, no tree up nothing. Now dr and hospital tests are finished with I will try and get into the grove. Today we will celebrate Summer Solstice Eve with a bonfire and maybe maybe the sun will come tomorrow ans snow for you.
greekwitch said…
That butter sounds divine!!
Mary Ann said…
Oh, no, this is so funny.

I have not made a cookie. Our family party is tomorrow.

I had to stop in the grocery AGAIN, so, as my grandson was getting his hair cut near one, I decided to go in there. I went to the bakery and picked out a tray of 24 Christmas tree cookies, all decorated. I paid for them.
I paid for my other three things. I LEFT THE COOKIES THERE. It is ten miles away, I did not go back.

I am NOT baking. My husband is out... he is going to have to stop, I am WORN OUT, I admit it.

We have plenty of other treats, and that doesn't mean I won't make any
Monday or Tuesday.

:-) The Year of No COOOKIES. :-)

Guillaume said…
You are the last person that deserves to be labeled a slacker.
Jim said…
You and the word slacker, just don't jive well!
I'd say you are allowed a year off every now and again.
A slacker?? BAAWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :) If you are a slacker, Joyce...heaven only knows what I am!!
Nancy said…
Nope, definitely not a slacker! I get tired must reading all that you accomplish, and accomplish well. You are perfectly entitled to a year (or two) off cookie detail. As Christmas nears, may I thank you for all the inspiration I redeive from your posts, and the enjoyment too. Merry Christmas.
Joyce, you are the ANTI-slacker, if there ever was one. Take a Christmas off and don't worry about it!
sandra hagan said…
Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

you are no slacker!!! enjoy a rest, whatever the reason.

Dog Trot Farm said…
Take a breath and enjoy the do so much for so many...Wishing you a very Merry Christmas...
chickpea678 said…
Well, I think it's unanimous: you're not a slacker, LOL. Enjoy your break from baking thousands of cookies! You still manage to make a mean gift basket!
Debby said…
I think you deserve a baking break. Let others pamper you. Put your feet up and pat yourself on the back for all the kinds things you do for others. Merry Christmas.