Still Decorating

 My TV room is almost finished, except for the damn tree that is sitting on my patio staring at me.

 A wreath on my coffee table.  Many many years ago I pulled these wheels from a dumpster, cleaned them up and took them to a glass place and turned them into this table.

The winter pillows are on the chairs and sofa and Teddy's ever present, but seldom touched, pile of toys is on the floor.  She rarely looks at them but you really don't want to move them.  Are you done decorating yet?


Anonymous said…
it looks beautiful and I love that coffee table,,
Anonymous said…
I still have some decorating to do and I guess I'll do that during the week. The weather here isn't inspiering at all, very windy and rainy.

Have a great day!

Susan said…
The way things are going, I may not be inspired until February. Sun is shining and it's almost 50, with the entire week forecast to be in the 50s, along with clouds. I may need egg nog to jumpstart this holiday!
Leeanna said…
So festive! Don't over do it darlin.
I have stated decorating and am exhausted!
I'm imagining your pine tree giving you a reproachful glare, it's tiny needles pressed up against the glass.
I'm feeling my age more and more. It's the first time I have actually felt the enormity of getting the decorating done and the thought of the aftermath is overwhelming. One of these days I will have someone come in and do it all..well..maybe not! :) Still fiddling with it..trying to find stuff. The usual. :)
We are done decorating. Almost done baking. Getting ready to sew a surprise for someone....a last minute thought, don't you know? I love all you do with that big roaster. Mine comes out of the attic every holiday, too, with all that needs to be done here during those times. I enjoy your blog very much. Keep writing. I especially love the ethnic recipes. Thanks so much for sharing. Kathie, in Odessa, WA.