The Christmas Marathon Begins

I might be absent a bit until some projects are completed.  The decorating has begun and the baking is about to start.  Lots to do, lots to do!


Yeah, I know how it is. I feel run off my feet and I hardly do ANYTHING!
Craig said…
I think I need to hire you to come to Scotland to decorate my house! Have fun!
Leeanna said…
I sure could use you around my house. Sick as a dog, can't move without coughing up a lung.
Have fun my dear.
Anonymous said…
Don't foget to rest in between too :-)

Have fun :-)
Beautiful!! Can't wait to see the finished products!!!
Guillaume said…
Oh I so envy you for this fireplace! I am looking forward to your Advent and Christmas posts.
ChgoJohn said…
If that fireplace is any indication, I bet your home looks beautiful for the holidays.
Gorgeous fireplace display, Joyce! Lots of work but lots of fun too.
Jim said…
Take all the time you need! we will be waiting here for the photos of all the GOOD EATS and decorations! Have a ablast.