Where's Winter?

 I need some of this and I need it soon.

 I don't think I have a chance of seeing any this year though.

I just looked at the weather and we are supposed to hit 70 for Xmas.  Damn!


Susan said…
We won't be 70, but we're supposed to be 60s Christmas Eve/Christmas. I think we have good reason for not being in the holiday spirit. I still have summer and winter clothes battling for the same closet space. This is not right at all.
PJ said…
As my brother Guillaume posted on his blog, there is still winter in our home region of the Saguenay. Despite global warming bringing more lousy, rainy weather every year, it has yet to completely obliterate the snow for Christmas. Though forecast says it will be above freezing and the snow cover will shrink from 10 inches to a crummy 6 inches, we shall, as always, have a white Christmas.
Guillaume said…
There is winter in the Saguenay region. That's about it. And it's not winter like in the old days, but it'll do. Sadly my wife and I will stay in England for Christmas, where it is the mildest December on record. And they thought it was going to be cold and snowy.
If I could send you an old-fashioned Canadian blizzard for Christmas, I would!
Anonymous said…
70! That is our normal summer temperatures :-)

I have a blog friend in Canada who has snow and winter but that's the only one I know of. We'll reach this weekend and that's rather unusual here but that also means rain and most likely strong winds. It isn't often I say this but I'm so tired of the winds that I wouldn't mind some winter now :-)

Have a great day!

littlemancat said…
Not quite that warm here, but much warmer than our usual December weather. It's fine with me - clear roads, low heating bills, no worries about relatives driving distances on the holidays, and not wearing layer after layer of clothes. But that's just my feelings. Also don't mind no shoveling and cleaning off cars - :-)
sandra said…
Gemmagirl said…
What I find very disturbing is that my forsythia
And carnations are blooming. This is not normal for southern Ontario.
Nancy said…
I think the Buffalo area is getting snow this weekend but certainly not in the mid-Atlantic region where I am. This ridiculous weather more like Easter has put a damper on Christmas, at least from a card-making standpoint. I just cannot get the old mojo going.

Your blog posts are wonderful inspiration and I save many. You seem tireless and I would love to have just a little bit of your energy. I wish you all the blessings of the season as well as peace and happiness in the New Year.
Joyce, I am hearing this from all over the country! Also from Christer...and other countries where there should be a winter. A friend in Canada just showed a dusting of snow and added "it won't last!" Perhaps we should have listened to Al Gore...just perhaps we should have.

It's cold mornings here but our mountains show now a speck of snow. Even after all the dark clouds and cold weather, which I took as a sure sign our mountains would be covered with snow when it lifted.but there was nothing.

Hopefully, a late Winter? I hope that isn't just wishful thinking!!