A Deli Platter for the Kids

I am back to cooking for the kids.  I don't know what they ate over the holidays but they are hungrier than ever.  I got a bit burned out cooking so much last Fall so I am trying to come up with at least one easy meal to put together for them each week to give me a little break.
When the weekly food adds come out in the paper, I pour over them looking for the best deals.  Recently, one of the stores had lots of their deli meats and cheese on sale for a really good price.  I decided it would be fun to make the kids a big deli platter and rolls so they could make their own sandwiches.  It turned out to be one of the biggest hits yet.  I put hummus in the middle and surrounded it with different hams, salami, bologna and cheese.  Nothing fancy, just the food they like to eat but rarely get.

I added olives and pickles and lots of grapes.

I made a separate platter with nuts and dried fruit and gave them all the condiments they needed to make sandwiches  One of the kids told The Blog tech to tell me a personal thank you for making them such nice food.  Haha...who doesn't like a nice sandwich platter. 


Beautifully presented too!
laurie said…
such a good egg you are,,,
you will never be forgotten by these kids,,
Mary said…
I always think, there will be no statue to me or you either in town square. All I wish for is to be remembered. One day as an adult one of these kids you are feeding will say to someone " Do you remember that nice lady who made us food, she was great!" Then if you are in heaven or just a bunch of atoms in space you will feel warm and if a star twinkle a bit brighter.
Mary said…
On the other hand YOU might have a statue in the town square!
dkzody said…
You are very creative in your food service to the after school kids. I am amazed at the great things you come up with. I'm working on a crafting day for the after school program where I am chaplain. Nothing as fancy as you do, though. For January, I think we will have water color painting. I've promised Valentines for February. Well, what else would one do for February!
Nellie said…
They probably had very little to eat while they were on break. That's a gorgeous platter!
What a difference you are making in the lives of those kids. I am proud to call you my "friend"!!!!
I would have been surprised if they hadn't liked that :-) It looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Remind me of the buffet lunches at family gatherings, except without sandwiches. I would have had the salami, the cheese, the pickles, the olives.
Fiona said…
It is so wonderful that you do this but so terribly sad there is such a need. There should be someone at home that can do this for and with their children. The art [and it is an art] of cooking and feeding children is dying in this country. So much easier to rely of prepackaged, pre processed or fed at school meals. At least these children have their cooking angel!
chickpea678 said…
You are such a generous heart. How lucky these kids are to have you watching out for them. Your food not only tastes good, but it looks pretty too. So you're not just feeding their stomaches, your feeding their souls.
greekwitch said…
I want that platter!!! And the rolls!!! That's it... I am coming over. Sometimes this blog is pure torture!!!
Sending you lots of love from half the world away!
Jim said…
This looks SO good! No wonder the kids loved it!
I wish you lived near here....as we are planning a 100th birthday party for my Dad in June and we'd hire you in a flash to cater it!!
You are either a 'natural' of had a real good teacher(s).
Mary Ann said…
We have done that at Christmas several times, but I'll tell you what went over better with adults and kids this year, and stunned us... WRAPS! Turkey,
ham and beef! Even the kids loved them!
That's a deli platter fit for a king, Joyce! They will love it. YOU are making memories!! :)
linda said…
You are an amazing soul Joyce.. Love your ideas.. The kids are the luckiest to have found you in their lives. You are making such an impact on their little hearts..