A Very Mild Sunday

Just a short post because I have a busy cooking day today.  It's on the upper 50's here.  I have all my doors and windows open and my wind chimes are singing thanks to a mild breeze.
Teddy loves it when the doors are open and she makes sure she walks through all of them. She likes to be able to walk into all the rooms in the house from the outside.
 I've been busy in my workroom making some things for my little friends and I will show you them when they are finished.  Have a great Sunday!  I am off to bake.


Anonymous said…
50 degrees, wowsa, lol I wish!!
That craft table looks very interesting indeed!
Th windows open and Teddy enjoying the breeze is lovely,,
Anonymous said…
I wish we had Your weather, we're back to snow again. It started falling uesterday evening and we got around an inch. It'll most likely be gone tomorrow because it will be above 32 all night and we'll get rain and snow with above 32 temperatures all day. 50F and open doors sounds much better :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
January was crazy weather here not many hot summer days, but finally I think summer has really arrived. Seems to be crazy weather everywhere.
Guillaume said…
Quite mild. Here it is nice and snowy.
Anonymous said…
Teddy sounds like our cats. They prefer the doors to all be open so they can go in and go out. But 50s? Oh my, that's cold to me. We're at 47 today, with the heater running, and the rain falling. No open doors or windows around here!
mlw33 said…
This winter has been so boring! It was warm here today too (I am in Lynn, MA, Right next to Salem). I want the snow and cold! So disappointing! Yes we had a ton of snow last winter but we have barely had any this winter. I don't want as much snow as last year, but I love a good snowstorm or two, so we can stay all comfy and cozy in the house. Hope February brings colder and more exciting weather!