Egg Roll Bowl

I recently realized that I had never made Asian food for the after school kids so I whipped this up for them a few days ago. And without a doubt, this was their most favorite thing I've made for them.
 Brown 1 pound of ground beef in a heavy pot along with 1 large sliced onion, 2 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger,  4 diced garlic cloves and some green onions. Brown this in sesame oil if you have it.

                                                              Add 1 head of cabbage, sliced.  Add 1 can of diced water chestnuts too. Add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and a tsp. of fish sauce.
Stir it around and cook it until the cabbage wilts.                                                                                                                   
Continue to stir it around until it is evenly cooked.

Towards the end, I added several shredded carrots.

Serve it over a bowl of rice with some green onions sprinkled on it.  The kids liked this so much they ate it plain without the rice.  They ate the rice separately with sugar sprinkled on it.  That was a surprise to me!  Some of them added milk to the sugar and rice.


Every dish you make for them is their new favourite! Some kids added milk to rice and sugar? They need RICE PUDDING!
laurie said…
I never heard of this but I really like it,, great idea,,
dkzody said…
I agree with Debra--rice pudding.

Your Asian mixture sounds good, no wonder they liked it. Maybe throw in some crispy Chinese noodles the next time you make it. Or, do you ever repeat your offerings? Seems like you come up with lots of new dishes.
ryverwynd said…
When I was a little girl, it was a wonderful treat to have plain white rice with milk and sugar! What wonderful memories I have of sitting in my granny's kitchen while she whipped this up for us on snow days!
I must admit that I've never heard anyone ever eating boiled rice with sugar! I could have understood it if it was boiled in milk and was as we call it here rice porridge. That is delicious :-)

Your food look as delicious as always!

Have a great day!

Alice said…
These children are so lucky to have you expand their palates! Many (or most) would not have the opportunity to taste all these wonderful foods if not for you. Just think how you have enriched their lives as they go thru life and will remember, "Oh, I've had this before at school!" And they won't be afraid to try other foods.
Leeanna said…
I was just frying up my won tons to see if they were tasty enough. My Grandmother from Hawaii taught me to do that. They are pretty good. So I'll be setting up the won tons in wrappers and making my oriental wild rice later.
Jenn said…
This looks and sounds amazing! And Deb's right, rice pudding!
You need to make rice pudding for the kids!!!
Magic Love Crow said…
I can understand why this would be a favourite for the kids! I have to admit, I was brought up, if we had left over white rice. For a treat, we would put cream and sugar in it and eat it as a dessert. So good! We still have it, if mom doesn't make rice pudding.
Jim said…
Those kids know a good thing when they see/eat it!!
How fortunate you all are to be involved in this school program.
Guillaume said…
It looks absolutely delicious.
I rushed right over when I smelled something wonderful cooking!! :) It looks delicious too.
How are you, Joyce? I imagine you are enjoying the snow... Our pretty much melted in the mountains..but more is expected for the weekend..I HOPE!
Sending a hug...
Jeri Landers said…
Geez, I can't get over it... were you a gourmet chef in a former life?! Did you ever have a restaurant? Are you going to write a cook book? Your repertoire of fabulous foods is always a joy to see... but How I wish I could taste them as well. If I were to follow your recipes, I don't think the results would be the same.
Mary Ann said…
That looks great... and... I think it's great that the kids are trying different kinds of food!