Fried Rice

I've been making a lot of rice recently which means leftover rice which means fried rice.   The Blog Tech has always been a big fan of fried rice so this makes him very happy.
 I don't use woks or do stir fries because it's tough to get the really high heat you need and my standard kitchen fan doesn't handle that kind of grease.  I made this in a heavy fry pan. Combine 2 T. of canola oil with 2 T. sesame oil and fry 1 medium diced onion and several stalks of sliced celery.

 Add 2 T. of grated ginger and lots of fresh cracked pepper.  Sprinkle in a bit of salt but not too much because it will get some saltiness from soy sauce. Sprinkle with some granulated garlic and granulated onion to taste, about 1 tsp. each.

 Stir in your leftover rice, I had about 4 cups. Add 1 cup of chicken stock, a couple squirts of fish sauce and about 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.  Don't add too much soy or it will be overkill.  I find that most people use too much soy sauce in dishes like this.  It should add flavor but not give it an overwhelming taste.

Add 1 lb. of peeled, de-veined shrimp and cook over high heat stirring until the shrimp turn pink. Some people like to add peas and carrots but I just don't get that. But that's just me so throw them in if it makes you happy.


Anonymous said…
I could live on this stuff but I'm one of those people that cook celery, mushroom, carrots and peas in mine,,and I use fried bacon or crispy ham in ours and a bit of egg, lol,,sometimes no meat sometimes I put cashews in it!!!
such a rebel I am, lol
Anonymous said…
I've never had fried rice and has always wondered how it tastes. I don't make that much rice at all to be honest but I guess I better try it.

Have a great day!

Joy said…
Mmm...I love fried rice! We sometimes make it in the mornings for breakfast with whatever leftover veggies I have and serve a fried or poached egg on top. Serve with siracha sauce for spice. :)
Leeanna said…
I love fried rice dishes. You really don't have to fry it with a lot of oil to make it. My grandmother taught me to just take cleaned, precooked, white rice pour in enough soy and oyster sauce mixture to flavor/color the rice. Then pour the rice into a seasoned wok with 1 teaspoon peanut oil and stir until heated thru. Add one raw egg and stir into the rice until the egg is cooked. It should look like you added a scrambled egg to the mixture. There should be no rice clumps. Add sliced green onion, grated raw carrot, and fresh peas(if you wish) and stir until heated thru. It's that quick. No salt or pepper is needed, and the fried rice won't be oily. Sometimes I add a little bit of cooked sausage meat to the rice after I stir in the egg. It makes a great breakfast bowl.
Alice said…
Wish my Hubby Liked rice. He can't even look at it. Says it looks too much like Ma**ots. I can't say the word. I love rice so I get it all when we eat Chinese take out. So next time , I'm making fried rice!
Like Laurie, I could live on this. ANOTHER WINNER! Saving this one... Howard THINKS he doesn't like rice, but he thought he didn't like pasta either until I served him your spaghetti recipe...AND chili (the last chili recipe you will ever need) recipe for chili. Yep..he has been won over.
Magic Love Crow said…
I agree, I could live on this too! I put in whatever I want and feel on the day!