Ham and Vegetable Sandwiches on Ciabatta

I'm always looking for new sandwich variations when I am packing lunches and this one came from a need to use a lot of vegetables that had gathered in the fridge.
 I sauteed 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper and 1 medium onion in a bit of olive oil.

 I sprinkled it with salt and pepper, granulated garlic and some oregano. I also sauteed some sliced eggplant, mushrooms and kale.

 I baked these ciabatta rolls yesterday. They are very light and airy.

 Split the rolls and spread one side lightly with mayo and one side with a whole grain mustard. Layer on some thin cheddar.

Add a thin layer of good baked ham. 
 Add layers of the cooked vegetables.  I used the sauteed kale leaves like lettuce.  They have wonderful texture and flavor and really add to this sandwich.

Press them firmly and wrap in plastic wrap and let them come to room temp before eating.


laurie said…
wow, that's a great sandwich!
your home made rolls take this one over the top lol,,,
Susan said…
This post almost brought me to tears. Ciabatta, how I long for ciabatta.
sandra said…
I would kill for one of those right now !!! :o
chickpea678 said…
Whoever gets packed those lunches is one lucky duck!
I don't eat meat but this really looks good.
Leeanna said…
OMG! I just died with a watering mouth. That looks absolutely yummy!
Guillaume said…
Could you suggest a variation without the ham? I hate ham! But I adore your insights as a chef.
They do look yummy and I would have mnade something similar if I had had ciabatta at home. Toolate to start baking now.

Have a great day!

jaz@octoberfarm said…
you can use any kind of meat on this sandwich that you like. or, you can leave the meat off totally.
Nellie said…
How delicious! Very versatile!
Wow , those look delicious ! New follower here , looking forward to getting to know you better. Merry Meet ~Angela
ChgoJohn said…
Everything's better on a ciabatta!
Craig said…
They look really super. It's a good job I don't live in your house, or I'd literally be as big as the house.
Magic Love Crow said…
Looks so good! I am so hungry! LOL!