I Think I Got a Compliment

 The Blog Tech and I made a big meal for the after school kids yesterday.  Bacon wrapped meatloaves, gravy and mashed potatoes.

 These were baked on standard sized cookie sheets so you can see that they were huge.

 We covered them in bacon in a lattice design.  This was mine.
This was The Blog Techs.
 His turned out perfectly.

 Mine, not so much.

 I made a lot of mashed potatoes.

And a crock pot of beef gravy.  One of the girls saw the  meatloaf and said...bacon and meatloaf?  What's your mother's address, I'm going to kidnap her.  Another kid said...On the road, that meatloaf is on point, not even playin'.    I took that as a compliment.


I'd take that as a compliment too although I have no clue what it means!
laurie said…
wow, that looks good,,the blog tech has picked up your skill for sure,,
those kids speak a whole different language!
Tikkun said…
I see now why you were peeling so much garlic this morning :). On the road, you (and Blogtech) have got hearts of gold, not even playin'. Haha, I think I got that right :).
I so understand those kids :-) It looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
The JOY you are giving those kids. xxx
Kev Alviti said…
Man that meat loaf looks good!
Heritage Hall said…
What a clever treatment of meatloaf...takes it to another level...
The youngsters are teaching us a whole new rhythmic language and once translated, it makes sense... Consider yourselves complimented... Is
there nothing you cannot accomplish?
Guillaume said…
This is so meaty this is beyond belief.
linda said…
Looks so delicious... Those kids are so lucky to have you and the Blog Tech in their life.. I have never tried meatloaf with bacon but I sure will now. The gravy you made is on my list of things to make very soon. I could drink that stuff!! Your future daughter in law is one very lucky girl to have found you two in her life!
Ron Troke said…
Oh my! I grew up with bacon (top & bottom) on my Mom's veal/lamb meat loaf! Oh I can smell that delicious fragrance as I type!!

Compliments to the chef!!!

1st Man said…
I love a good metalloaf and that looks wonderful. Of course, I've had it with bacon slices across the top, but ALL OVER? And in LATTICE DESIGN LIKE A PIE? Yeah, on point, not playin' and all that!!
Jeannine520 said…
LOL, I guess there's nothing like "on point" meatloaf. I don't really know what that means, and I'm "not even playin'".
Teacats said…
You and Blog Tech are certainly on point --those meatloaves look amazing!
Very well done indeed!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Mary Ann said…
Gorgeous meatloafs!
Magic Love Crow said…
My mouth is watering! For sure on point!