Mini Vanilla Bean Cakes with Lemon Curd And Raspberry Filling

I have never really honed my cake baking skills and I hope to do so sometime soon.  I do like baking cakes though I hate eating cakes.  I have never liked cake.
Unlike me, my family LOVES cake.  Occasionally I break down and make some for them and I really like making individual cakes.  The cake-a-holics like having one to themselves. First, I lined each springform with parchment paper and sprayed them with cooking spray.

For the batter I used a basic yellow vanilla cake recipe. 

Not being certain how long these would take, I opened the oven door to check on them too often and the centers fell a bit.  This is why I need to work on my cake baking skills.  This is just a stupid mistake and I should have known better.

However, I soldered on and cut them in half.  I placed the indented side down which flattened out from the weight of the rest of the cake.

I brushed each side with simple syrup, seedless raspberry jam and lemon curd and then sandwiched them bake together.

Then I made a classic buttercream vanilla bean frosting and covered them in it.

To finish, I sprinkled them with clear sanding sugar.

 I tried to get closeups of them cut.  This did not work well.  I also need to hone my photography skills.

Maybe at some point in the future I will be able to bake glorious cakes and take beautiful pics of them.  Or not.


Anonymous said…
I've always been bad in baking cakes so for me Your cakes look just fine. To be honest, it is the taste that is most important anyway :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
they sound delicious,, this would be a perfect birthday cake!!! My family loves cake , they would love these,,my daughter Kelly is a really good cake baker, she makes wonderful cakes,,she would love this too!
Leeanna said…
My, oh my! That looks good! I never thought of making individual small cakes like this. I need to find some pans like that.
Susan said…
Who cares what they look like! They sound divine!
I've always been more of a pie fancier myself but I'll never turn down a nice piece of cake. I don't discriminate.
Mary Ann said…
I think they still look good!
Guillaume said…
Looks delicious. I am too full to fully (ouch! bad pun) them, but they look delicious.
Ellen in Oregon said…
I will take a good pie over a piece of cake anytime. I have baked some really good cakes, but it's not much fun to bake/cook anything you don't find tasty yourself. I though you might be practicing your cake making skills as preparation for making the wedding cake for the Blog Tech & his fiance. Has the couple picked a date or made any plans yet?
Tikkun said…
Wow, those look so good! How big are those mini cakes?
I am also not a lover of cake. Pie is my dessert.
Cherry, berry..etc. And of course ice cream with them..and if cake..then ice cream with that as well. Also..lots of iceing helps me eat cake.
Nice looking cakes for one who doesn't think she has honed her cake baking skill.