Rich Brown Gravy

I am making the after school kids a big meal tomorrow and I needed gravy so I made it yesterday.  As I cook each day, I save all of my onion skins and ends, celery tops and bottoms, carrot peals and anything else I can use in stocks or gravy.
 When it is time to make some, I throw all the discards into a heavy pot with a few tablespoons of oil.  Over medium high heat, I cook them until they turn brown and get crusty on the bottom. Throw in some fresh herbs and a few bay leaves. I used sage, rosemary and thyme.

 Then I sprinkle them with 1/3 cup of flour and stir it in and cook for a couple minutes.

 De-glaze it with 1 cup of red wine.

 Stir in 8 cups of beef stock and add a few tablespoons of beef demi glaze or beef bouillon.

 Bring it to a boil and then turn it down to a simmer.

 Let it simmer for a couple hours and then strain the solids from the liquid.

 Taste for seasoning.  I added salt and pepper and a couple tablespoons of Maggi. The kids are going to love this.  Who doesn't like gravy?  Gravy makes everything better.

It's snowing!!!


I love gravy. I could drink it straight from the gravy boat.
Anonymous said…
thats beautiful gravy,, the kids will be in gravy heaven!
O , my lil princess LOVES gravy !! Days like today I wish blogger was scratch and sniff! Thanks for sharing it looks delicious! Have an amazing day . ~hugs Angela
Anonymous said…
Yes what would life be without gravy :-) I ordered food at work today and I got way too little gravy , sort of destroys the dinner.

Have a great day!

Mary Ann said…
I bet Teddy was loving that smell! I am trying to change up our menu a little so Keith eats a little more... but we can't make large amounts, he is not a good "leftover" eater. I am making some baked tender chops tonight, and
tomorrow we are having wraps, I think he'll like them a lot. (so will I!)
Hope you don't get much snow.
Guillaume said…
Yummy gravy. I love a good gravy with poultry.
The snow is wonderful. We have it in our mountains..and we are going up soon...Hoping for more. I remember my son in laws mother once told me as she drove me around the mountain resort where she lived .."Snow covers a multitude of sins" meaning homes that don't look so good without snow. She was a Real Estate woman.
Your home is gorgeous with or without.

Your cooking has heart. That's what makes everything you make so special. You FEEL your cooking! S'wonderful!!
Magic Love Crow said…
I really love gravy!! I could drink it! LOL!
ChgoJohn said…
"Rich"doesn't begin to describe this sauce. I cannot wait to give your gravy a go! Thanks for sharing.