Snow Day

 This is Teddy's preferred way to watch it snow.

 Look at the cool shadow I caught on my porch post.

 It's going to be in the upper 40's today so all of this will melt.

 I sure hope we see more of this before Spring arrives.

Though it is cold and snowy when I go out each morning, I can feel and hear Spring. I'm not ready for it yet.


Susan said…
It looks so beautiful! Teddy is such a smart pup.
Anonymous said…

It is melting away here too but unlike You I do wish that it is over for this time even if I know it most likely isn't :-)

I heard birds singing spring songs yesterday :-)

Have a great day!

Leeanna said…
So pretty! I bet Teddy secretly longs to go frolicking in the snow. I know I would love to do that.
Lovely photos. Teddy and I have the same idea, better to watch the snow from inside :-) hope you are well diane
Anonymous said…
I wish ours would melt!!!
Nellie said…
We had sunshine and high forties today, so our snow/ice (which wasn't a great amount) will soon be only a memory.
Guillaume said…
Nice to have some snow.
Tikkun said…
Teddy's not just looking at the snow, looks like she's catching it on her fur :)!!!
Magic Love Crow said…
Teddy is too cute! I feel Spring is close too and I'm not ready for it yet, either!