Waiting For The Storm

For the first time this season, we have the potential to get some measurable snow.  Woohoo!!!      Could we be so lucky?                                             
 So far, this is about as much snow as we have seen.  I need at least one good snowfall before spring arrives. So, fingers crossed that it moves a bit north and hits us.  DC might get a foot + out of it. 

 I just found these two pillows so I guess I might be officially counting down to next Fall.


Cottage Tails said…
we are still waiting for summer - you would of loved our summer this year. May you have a good dump of snow.
Mary said…
I am with you, I need one or two good snow storms! Otherwise why live in New England or have a fireplace!
Laura said…
We are supposed to get some down here in NC as well. I'm hoping with my fingers and toes crossed! Hope you get as much as you want!

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Susan said…
I think we are supposed to be too far north for much snow. Which doesn't sound right AT ALL. We've had a total of less than 4 inches, I think. Not that I want tons, but I do want it to be...well...winter. Good luck and hope you get a nice thick coat of white!
Mary Ann said…
That is about as much snow as we got yesterday, but there is a chance for more tonight. It's just so doggone cold!

I LOVE the pillows, did you find them locally???
Guillaume said…
It would be about time here... I envy you.
dkzody said…
I love that love seat on which you have placed the pillows. I am looking for a replacement for our family room love seat. That's the right size and the coloring is great.
laurie said…
if I could send you some snow I surely would,,
Love, love, love your wooden toadstools!!!
Jan said…
I live across the river from DC in Northern Virginia. My big plans this weekend are to bake bread and some other things and to watch the snow fall outside.
Debby said…
We are on the cusp of the storm. Wondering how much we will get, It snowed all day yesterday but it only looks like an inch or two. Stay warm.
I really hope You'll get it since You actually want it :-) It will stay cold here until Sunday and then we'll most likely see our snow melt away relatively quickly.

Have a great day!

a writing place said…
I knew you would be excited, with the possibility of snow!!!!!

Hope you get enough.

Hope we are above it. ,-))))

But one of our grand daughters is down in the biggggggest part. And every one knows, when you go a bit south, locals do not know how to drive. She does, coming from up here. But! It's all the others guys. Hope she stays home. :-)

Enjoy your snow!

Magic Love Crow said…
I love those pillows! I love that corner of your house!