Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Marshmallows

These are some of the Valentine's treats I made for friends.  They are a bit rustic and maybe next time I would make them neater but they are delicious just the same.
 I pureed about 15 strawberries with a bit of water, cooked them at a simmer for 20 minutes and then strained them through a fine sieve.

 Here is the recipe for the marshmallows:

Add the strawberry puree and subtract 1/3 the water in the recipe.

 You beat the mixture for 30 minutes in your mixer.

 Towards the end, the mixture is quite thick.

 Spread it in a parchment lined greased pan.  These sit for a day before cutting.

 They are a very pale pink which is difficult to see in my horrible morning kitchen light.

 Melt some chocolate and dip the tops in it and then in sprinkles if you wish.

 Let them sit for a couple hours until they set.  These have a very fresh strawberry flavor.,


laurie said…
they look and sound amazing,,
Anonymous said…
I would eat them any day :-)
I'm just about to make either an apple pie or a peach/ apple cobbler with custard :-)

Have a great day!

Tikkun said…
You were busy this morning whipping up treats! Lucky friends!
Guillaume said…
Looks very decadent. It reminds me of the stuff we dip in chocolate fondue.
Happy Valentine's Day, Joyce! Those sound two favorite flavors..chocolate and strawberry. I found the most wonderful little gadget for taking the stems from strawberries and tomatoes..I've lately been into kitchen gadgets and so far..other than the avacado my favorite little tool. Now I'm looking for all kinds of reasons to buy strawberries.