More to Come

I was gone all day yesterday.  We went to the Korentovenja Festival.  I have about a gazillion photos to sort through and I'll post some tomorrow. Today I am busy cooking for the Super Bowl.  Go Denver!!! For today I will leave you with a pic of The Blog Tech going full Slovenian.


I know very little about American Football so like a true Swede I say May the best team win :-)

Great photo of the Blog tech :-)

Have a great day!

laurie said…
lol,,,thats cute,
enjoy that game!!!
Guillaume said…
I am such a philistine, I didn't know it was the Super Bowl.
Mary Ann said…
Remember last year's??? So cold you did not hang around for long, so I'm guessing the weather was better this year!
Susan said…
Handsome kolegi!
Jim said…
I just forwarded this to my brother-in-law who is from Slovenia.
What the hell is that in the bag?
Magic Love Crow said…
I would like to know what is in the bag too? LOL! Cute pic!