I mention my CSA box often so I thought you might like to see what it is.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture. I am fortunate to be offered this option in my area where my local group gathers items from farms in our region and I get a box from them every two weeks from January through June.  It costs me around 25.00 per month.  It's wonderful to get organic lettuce like this in early February. 

 This time of year I usually get a bag of apples.  The box is different each time.

 This week's box gave me two acorn squash.  I like that I never know what I will get and then I have to figure out how to use it.

 I can never have enough potatoes.

 And I love parsnips. Yay!

 They include canned items too.  This week's is tomatillo salsa.

 And a jar of mild shoestring peppers.

I almost always get cheese.  This is a wedge of Cowbelle.
There is always a bag of stone ground oats or organic beans or flour.  This time I got stone ground cornmeal.  Often I will get apple cider, maple syrup or fresh eggs.  I now subscribe to this CSA for six months each year.


Anonymous said…
wow, thats a great deal for 25 dollars!!
Leeanna said…
I wish David would let me do that. He says we don't need it because I can everything we grow in our garden for winter use. We still have 19 jars of tomato sauce, 2 jars of salsa, 2 jars of jalapeno pepper slices, 15 jars of green beans, 4 jars of beets, and about 23 potatoes. I want fresh stuff! I gotta have it! *sigh* I know, I know, I'm damaged.
Susan said…
What a great CSA. It's nice to get the added value items, too.
Anonymous said…
I'm envious of your canned and dry goods. We get a weekly box for $16 but it's just local produce. We can order coffee beans, eggs, and chocolate separately, but we would pay an additional fee for any extra item. I occasionally order extra produce if it's something I really like.
Anonymous said…
I really wish we had something like that here! There were a few things I would have liked to get, like the apples and squash and as You say, one can never get too much potatoes!

Have a great day!

Great selection! The similar service here in Edmonton offers only vegetables, no extras like you get.
Guillaume said…
I am learning new things every day.
I LOVE to get packages and a box of fresh produce would thrill the heck out of me. But..alas..we don't have that here. No farms around for one thing..well..oranges. We have oranges.
That's a really good deal!
Tikkun said…
Ours is just veggies too, no cheese or jarred items or grains. That's nice that you get all of that and fruit too!
Magic Love Crow said…
This is so good! I wish we had something like this! Brilliant!
sandra hagan said…
How wonderful to receive a bag or box of local goodies!