The Korentovenja Festival

 Once again we traveled to Cleveland to the Slovenian Hall to attend the Korentovenja Festival.  Sadly, this year there was no snow for the Kurents to chase away.

 This is the only festival of this sort held outside of Slovenia.

 The band was ready to play.

 Pierogis and halushki as well as kielbasa was on the menu.

 Vendors were selling their wares and this woman made Korent heads into pins.  I bought one.

 Children were dressed in traditional Slovenian costumes.

 The local dance corp marched in the parade.

 This neighborhood is working hard to keep their traditions alive.

 The head Korent dresses in brown yack skins.

 This was a surprise this year.  Though the parade is still small, there were more participants than ever before.

 The parade band and the queen and king of the festival.

 Here they come down the main street.

 Who knew....a Slovenian school.

 This year there was an Asian faction in the parade.  There were only four women but I bet next year we will see more.

 And here come the Korents, led by the Poles no less!

 The Korents wear huge bells which they shake to ward off winter.

 These costumes are made in Slovenia and cost over 2000.00 each.

 They carry big poles to beat away winter. Unfortunately, someone beat it to them this year and scared winter away long ago.

 At least it was cold because I think these costumes must be very hot.

 Oh look...a friendly Kurent.

 Uh oh, he's all over Thais.....where is the blog tech?

 After the Korent kiss.  Wow....look at that tongue!

Seeing the Korents makes this trip totally worthwhile though the festival needs to improve.  I am quite sure they have big plans for this in the future because they have a lot invested in the costumes!  Of course, if you are inclined, you can spent the rest of the day partying at the Slovenian Hall and dancing to the band.  At dinner time, it moves to a local Slovenian restaurant where the event really gets rolling.


Anonymous said…
what an amazing event,, the costumes are wonderful, you must have really enjoyed this,,
Anonymous said…
The Kurent wasn't too successful to scare away winter last year so perhaps this weather suited them better :-)

Looks really fun :-)

Have a great day!

Oh, that audacious Korent, cutting the Blog Tech's grass! LOL
Texan said…
Looks like fun!
Magic Love Crow said…
What a great event! Love the food! Those costumes are amazing!
Susan said…
Leave it to Cleveland (my hometown) to perpetuate such a great festival. I do hope they can keep it up - it is a treasure!
Our diversity in this country is wonderful..and those that would destroy it by insults is upsetting. I was hoping for a close up of your pin..
The costumes are just beautiful! What a gift to their community and all those who visited.
Mary Ann said…
If I remember, the Kurents couldn't march last year because of the rain, so this was great!
Guillaume said…
I vaguely remember reading about the Korents in primary school during one of our classes.
Tikkun said…
Fun! Those Korent costume look appealingly warm to me! Like a giant ugg boot to wear all over your body!