Thrift Stores

 I haven't gone to thrift stores in ages but I have a few future projects in mind so I ventured out to see what I could find.  Score!  I found a lot of what I was looking for. We have such excellent thrift stores.  I got this tiered tray for 6.99.  It looks like it's never been used.

 Same with these two lanterns which I will paint.  They were 99 cents each.

 I rarely find witch items let alone Halloween but I found this perfect little witch.

 79 cents and hand crafted by Christians...really?

 And what a find this is.  This is a vintage pressed glass platter which is 2 feet in diameter.  It is in perfect condition without even a flea bite on it.  9.99!

 I make so many platters for events that this will be heavily used by me.

 A pyrex storge container for 1.99.

 I didn't really need this but it's Wilton and it was 1.99 so I bought it anyway.

 With Easter coming up, a 99 cent deviled egg server will come in handy,

 I picked up lots of different glass pieces for one of my projects and if I don't use them all, I can make them into garden totems.  59-99 cents each.

Finally, I found two brand new cooling racks.....99 cents for the pair.  Now I just need to draw the line between what I need and hoarding!


I'm glad that Christian candle found a good Pagan home with you.
Susan said…
Good goD! I have rarely seen such amazing thrifting! Those glass pieces are wonderful - and how interesting that they needed to point out that the adorable witch was crafted by Christians. Is that a selling point?
Anonymous said…
We don't have many thrift stores around but the one we have has gotten more space, so I'll check it out one day to see if they have anytyhing I want.

Lots of great findings and I do like that little witch :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I particularly like the lanterns.
Magic Love Crow said…
Wow, you found some amazing finds! The Christian candle made me laugh!
1st Man said…
2nd Man has told me to lay off the thrift stores for awhile after we packed up and got rid of stuff but dang if I don't have the itch. I'm going to blame you if I go, LOL!!!

Maybe I can find something made by Christians too! ;-)
It's the strangest thing. This post was JUST delivered to my email box and already many have posted comments. Does an email take that long to arrive here? The first comment was at 6:07 and the last was at 6:37. It is now 10:12 pm here.
You are three hours ahead of us. Strange.'s been a long time since I've been to garage sales or thrifting..but..soon now. :) My home is made up of others peoples cast offs.
A favorite thing to do! A great place to find serving pieces like you found.
Mary Ann said…
You found great bargains! I read an article this week that said "Throw away doubles... for instance... if you have two of something that you rarely use, throw away or donate the second.... I found myself tucking things in drawers "just in case" and had a good laugh at myself!

Tikkun said…
Wow what a good bounty! Those thrift shops and your eye are amazing! I love the made by Christians witch ;).