Easter Rolls

 I had a busy Easter morning yesterday.  I made a big brunch for my family and I made my mom's Easter rolls.

 They are a lot of work and worth every minute of it.

 This recipe is for frosted walnut rolls.

 And this one is for sour cream sugar twists.

 These turn out similar to elephant ears but are even better.

 You can shape them any way you want but I always twist them in the middle and make them into horseshoe shapes.

 I made double recipes of both of these because I gave a lot of them away.

 And, as usual, I forgot to take pics of the trays of them after they baked.

 Here are the recipes on 60 year old recipe cards.

 Click to enlarge them.
 I hope you had a good Easter!


Anonymous said…
They do look yummy!

I'll try to write down the recipe and try them when baking season starts again, that's autumn when I start having fires in my stove again :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
Your mother printed very nicely~! I love recipe cards - they are so much easier to refer to when cooking than a recipe on a screen or in a cookbook. I hope you had a very wonderful holiday. I know the food was divine.... :)
Anonymous said…
wow, they look light and flaky,, I couldn't read it but I imagine butter is involved lol,, yum!!!
I'm so glad you have this recipe card,, wonderful piece of your mum,,
kymber said…
you have many beautiful treasures throughout your house and in your gardens. but i bet your mom's recipe cards are your favourite treasure.

well, except for teddy. because, you know, she's teddy.

i am very glad that you have those recipe cards. and very glad that you share your mom's recipes with all of us - no matter how far away we are - we all get to see your mom's cards and recipes.
Cottage Tails said…
What a treasure having your mums recipe card. I bet your family prefers eating at your place rather than eating out.
Guillaume said…
It looks delicious. I had too much to eat these last four days.
Mary Ann said…
We had a wonderful, peaceful Easter... just like we like it! So glad you did, too!
Magic Love Crow said…
Thank you for sharing the recipe! How special, 60 years oldl! Looks so good! Hope you had a great Easter!
A 6o year old recipe is a precious commodity. And the fact you shared it makes it even more special. The rolls look positively delicious.
The old recipes are truly the best! I hope everyone had a happy Easter! I know you ate well!