Good Old Fashioned Beef Stew

 When you cook dinner for 20 kids every day, you learn to follow sales closely.  My grocery store had a BOGO sale on chuck roasts last week and we were having one of the last snowy days of the year so I decided to make stew for the after school kids.  I don't make stew all that often so the recipe turned into an add a bit if this and some of that.  The end result was a delicious stew. I made 18 quarts of it.

 I made 8 quarts of mashed potatoes to go with it.

And I made 60 rolls which...guess what?  I forgot to take a photo of!  I'm either losing my mind or cooking too much.  The kids LOVED the stew.  The Blog Tech said that they filled their plates over and over and ate and ate.  There was a bit leftover and they divided it up and took it home. 


Anonymous said…
that's an amazing amount of food you prepared and it looks delicious ,,

it makes my heart hurt to know how truly hungry those kids are,,
most of us rarely if ever feel real hunger,
You're inspiring me to make some stew too.
Leeanna said…
David loves stew but refuses to eat it unless it's freezing cold outside. I miss the cold winter we never had this past year. I hate global warming.

I do have one question though. You keep saying the after school kids. Are they still at school or are they at your home after school? Could you tell us about them when you get a chance. I would like to know about them.
Anonymous said…
I often make stew, easy, tasty and usually even more so after a few days. I can fully understand that they wanted some with them home :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
That looks delicious. I'd need something like this tonight: I have the mother of all colds.
Heritage Hall said…
Said it before and say it again, dear heart "You are a saint in
an apron and Chef's hat....." A class act. The Children must adore you with grateful hearts.