It Must Be Spring

 The ponds are running.

 The creek is too and the daffodils have bloomed.

 The weeds are growing like crazy.

 The flowering cherry is in bloom and the grass is slowly turning green.

 And Teddy is spending the whole day outside.

See the spot on Teddy's paw?  She has a very sore interdigital cyst and I can't figure out what is causing it.  Does anyone have any experience with these.  I think they are allergy related?


Alice said…
It may just be a wart. Vet can just remove it. My dog got them as he got older.
Anonymous said…
You have a beautiful house and garden!

Spring is really here now, sunny and above 50F today and they say it will be much the same tomorrow. No daffodills yet though.

One of my old dogs had one of those but it disappeared by itself thankfully. It could be just anything causing it, I found this on the net:

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
Beautiful.. Spring is in the air where you are. Still recovering from bad ice storm here in Southern Ontario. Thank you for a previous post about Easter basket. I took ours to church today for a blessing. You were my guideline. Thank you
Guillaume said…
It is Spring here today: much warmer, but windy and rainy. Good Friday was warm, borderline hot, and sunny, today felt more like Good Friday.
greekwitch said…
Oh poor puppy! I have no experience with that particular affliction no matter the vast amount of pets I always care for. I hope it passes soon!
POOR Teddy. hope she is not in any pain. The ponds look lovely. HAPPY EASTER.
Joyce, your property is breathtaking!!!
Jim said…
Oh yes, by the looks of it there, spring has sprung, Joyce!
I hope Teddy's paw heals up soon.
Mary Ann said…
Several of my dogs have had the cysts... I think they were put on prednisone at some point... She must be licking and licking it, poor little girl.
Magic Love Crow said…
Your house and land is breath taking! Poor Teddy! I don't know what causes the cyst, but I know our little dog had one too and we had to get it removed. I hope Teddy is better soon!
I'm sorry Joyce, I don't know a thing about cysts on doggies..wish I could help. Have you noticed that Teddy and Mele are growing white? Not liking it one bit. Mele is 12 years old now..I try not to hover over her but I find myself doing just that.
Sending you an email...gotta question.
P.S. I love watching your yard come to's amazing. :)