Maple Festival 2016 Part 2

 We saw some amazing places on our trip. 

 I fell in love with this barn.  It has red maple leaves on top of each shutter.  It looked like the Canadian embassy. 

 This camp was still burning and was very busy.

 And they were making maple cotton candy.

 Slowly we filled up the back of the car. Those clear bags are the cotton candy I bought for the after school kids.

 This shack sold maple taffy.

 Maple fudge, maple nuts, maple candy, maple spread, etc..

 The Fiance liked the maple apple cider a lot.


Cottage Tails said…
If I ever get on a plane I'm going to one of these festivals.
Anonymous said…
looks great!
I like the Canadian Embassy, I could go for that lol,,

I have never eaten Maple cream or Maple cotton candy but I can imagine I would be fast addicted to those goodies!!!
sounds heavenly!
What a cool festival!!! Looks like lots of yummy stuff. I love maple syrup....that's all we ever use....never the "fake" stuff!
Hey, that IS the Canadian Embassy!
Mary Ann said…
I would LOVE to go to a maple festival! Maple cotton candy, WOW!
Guillaume said…
I miss the many products of maple we have in Québec.
You always enjoy these festivals sooo much! You bought the children some cotton candy? You sweet thing, you!!! :)
Magic Love Crow said…
Great pics! So much fun!
Kay said…
This looks like so much fun. I've never been to a maple festival before.