My Grow Room

 I've been planting.  This should soon be full of lettuces and radishes.  I hope.

 I've started tomatoes, peppers, celery, eggplant, okra, artichokes,  beets, cucumbers and an assortment of herbs.

 I'm also starting lots of flowers.

 This is my grow room which is actually very simple to assemble.  I just bought a set of shelves from Home Depot along with some chain and workshop fluorescent lights.  Using "S" hooks you hang the chains and the lights under each shelf.  You can easily raise and lower the lights as needed just by shifting the "S" hooks along the chains.

 This year I am using these pellet trays because they are so simple and I don't need to start too many plants. I can fit 16 trays on this one set of shelves which let's me start 872 plants.  I am not planting that many though.  Not enough room for planting.
As it is, I've started over 500 plants.  I'll be supplying lots of people with the extras.
I like the pellets because they can be plucked out of the tray and placed under the lights while their peers catch up to them.  When they get bigger I can just plunk them into a larger pot until they are ready to go into the garden.  Easy peasy!


Connie said…
I loved reading your post. This is my first year to start my own plants, so I'm in the learning process and getting very excited about gardening. I love seeing how others are starting their seeds. I'm using peat moss pots and dirt filled toilet paper rings :) I'm also taking lots of notes on what works and what doesn't. I really like your grow light system . . . very nice.
Happy Easter!
Connie :)
Anonymous said…
wow, thats amazing,, you say its not too many but it looks like a lot to me!!
such a clever set up you have!!
CalamityJr said…
Wow! Wish I lived closer so I could be one of the lucky ones who share your abundance!
Anonymous said…
Looks great!
I really should do something like that in my cellar, as it is now I only use it for plants to spend winter there. I'll see if I can find my pellet trays! I won't come close to 500 though :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Oh I'd love to have a garden!
Sandy said…

Nice looking seedlings! I say you've been very busy.
This year were downsizing our garden. I started weeding, and mixing my soil with compost and peat. Soon I'll be planting seeds.
My asparagus, chives, thyme, volunteer celery, and volunteer cabbage is growing. I also have strawberries already blooming and providing little green strawberries.
Kay said…
You are so awesome! I'm really jealous of your green thumb. Sadly we don't have enough room for a garden here.
What an elaborate setup. AWESOME grow room.
Wow, Joyce! What a neat grow garden you have made. Can you grow things through the winter? I would think so! :)