St. Patrick's Day Trifles

I made these for the after school kids yesterday to celebrate St. Patty's Day.  I made them last year too and they liked them so much I knew they would enjoy them again and they sure did.They seem pretty gross to me but I think they are a teenagers dream.
 Start by cutting up some mint oreos, regular oreos and andes candies.

Place some oreos in the bottom of a clear cup.  Top them with a dollop of vanilla pudding, add more oreos and a layer of chocolate pudding.

I could not get these to load in the right order but the lower photo shows the whipped cream.  Whip some cream with a few tablespoons of confectioners sugar, a couple drops of peppermint flavoring and a drop of green food coloring.  Top the cups with some of the whipped cream and sprinkle them with the chopped andes candies.
 And being the freak I am and thinking I never have enough food for everyone, I made one large trifle as a chaser to the small ones.

And guess what?  They polished all of them off off.  Those kids sure can eat.


Yes, they all have hollow legs at that age. These treats look good but oh, so sweet!
greekwitch said…
That looks amazing!! I want one, or three!!!
Alicia Foodycat said…
Horrifying - but I can definitely see them going down well!
Anonymous said…
I so understand that they love it, I would too :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Oh how I would have LOVED a St Patrick's Day trifle yesterday! Especially since I was forced to remain sober due to illness.
Nellie said…
Yes, these are a dream for the young ones, though not something I would have on my usual shopping list.
Kay said…
Never mind teenagers, I could polish those off all by myself. Yuuuuum!
Move over, Kay!! I'm with you. I could have helped finish those off myself! Wow! What a treat for the children.
Magic Love Crow said…
I am coming over! Looks so good!
gloriahanaway said…
Sometimes I wonder if the food you give them is the only food they get.