Sugaring Off Season Begins

 This weekend we are going to our first maple festival of the year.  It's a good thing too because I am down to my last gallon of maple syrup.  I made the after school kids their favorite baked beans yesterday and they take 6 cups of maple syrup!  Notice that there just might be more hot dogs than beans in the cooker.  They like a lot of hot dogs in their beans.

 They ate every last piece of the paska I showed yesterday.  They ate it while they learned about why this is made in the Spring.  They learned that the chickens would be laying after the winter so there are lots of eggs in this bread.  They also learned that the cows would have had their calves so there was cream from the milk to make butter and there is a lot of butter in the bread.  These loaves are flavored with lemon or orange zest because that would be the only fruit available at this time of year and they would have been very expensive which is why this bread is usually baked for Easter as a special celebration and splurge.

And they got the last of my apple butter to spread on the bread.  I'll stock up on apple butter at the maple festival too.  People that sell maple syrup always have apple butter for sale too.


You're not kidding about the hot dogs! It's hard to spot the occasional bean, LOL!
Laura said…
I learned so much from this post.
Give us an update on the Maple Festival!
Anonymous said…
I had to look extra to find any beans :-) :-)
Looks yummy though and now I remember I forgot to buy both beans and sausages which I had thought I would have as lunch tomorrow :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I love the sugar season! One of the GOOD aspects of Spring.
Sweet friend, WHERE do you get the energy?? :)
It all looks wonderful! The smell of the apples cooking for the apple butter still lingers in my brain.
Kay said…
Yuuum! This looks wonderful!