Vintage Easter

 I know of a family that has 3 kids all under 3  years old and they don't have much money.  So, this year I am going to help them out for Easter.  I am giving them decorations and I will also be making  Easter baskets for each of them. I lucked out yesterday and found some great decorations at the thrift stores.

 These two signs stick in the ground outside and they are from the 90's.  2.99!

 But these were the big find.

 These are each about 18 inches tall, brand new, have great detail and they were 3.99 each.

 They are about to be loved by a bunch of little kids.

 I continue to pick up these vintage Easter trinkets to use in all the baskets I will be making. Some of these are salt and pepper shakers.

I'll use the boxes as candy holders and some are just cute little porcelain figures.  I'll show you the baskets when I assemble them. I love the idea of using these in baskets.  When I was little I had figures similar to these and I loved them.  I've paid around 49 cents for each of these and they are so much better than the junk which is for sale at much higher prices.  I find that most of these are very clean because they probably sat on shelves for years. A quick trip through the dishwasher or soaked for a bit in hot water with Dawn and they are as good as new.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful findings!

I wonder where I've put my eater decorations because I can't find a single thing :-) Perhaps it's time to go to a thriftstore for me too :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
the family will love them! I once had a set of salt pepper shakers like the ones that are little chicks,, so cute!
Getting a basket from the Easter Bunny was always a highlight of my year when I was a kid!
sandra said…
I love all of the Easter finds! I agree that they are way better then whats out there now. Everyone who gets them will love them dearly.It makes me feel very happy inside knowing your once again are going to make some peoples holiday all the more special! Good hunting ;]!!!
Mary Ann said…
I love your finds! I make baskets for our grandkids... I'll start tucking some little treasures in them, I don't believe in "present" baskets. (Like you find at Walmart, etc.)
Guillaume said…
I love vintage Easter.
Magic Love Crow said…
So special and thoughtful of you! My Easter treat was getting a new outfit!