A Feast for the Kids

The after school program ends next week.  I am trying to make the kids last meals memorable.  Recently, I stopped at a smoke house to stock up on bacon and sausages.They gave me a half ham and a container of their ham salad for free.  I guess they smoked too many hams for Easter.  I decided to make the kids a groaning board of meats and cheeses.
 I also baked them 60 rolls.

 They could make small sandwiches if they wanted to.

 This tray is so big it was tough to get a pic of it.  I filled it up with smoked cheeses, regular cheese and lots of sliced sausages.

 I added lots of assorted nuts too.

I baked the ham in maple syrup and cut it into wedges then added some grapes and strawberries to the tray.  The Summer program starts in July but over 100 kids have signed up for it so other than occasionally making hot dogs, I won't be able to feed the kids until next Fall.  I hate to even think about how they will eat until then. 


That tray is wonderful. Those kids LOVED it, I know. Did you tell them it was a GROANING BOARD. Curious what they thought about that. Hopefully food will find a way in their bellies over the summer months, somehow, someway.
Susan said…
Yes, even for you - oh, Chef Extraordinaire - 100 a day would be a challenge. But what a memorable meal with which to send them off! Maybe your wonderful meals will stir up the hidden cooks in some of them, so that they can go on to share with their families.
Ian's Girl said…
You are the most incredible woman, and I hope you realize it!
Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure that food tray will be something they'll tell their grandkids about :-) It looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
that looks wonderful,,the kids will surely miss you but 100 is too many for you to cook for,, Fall will come quickly and you will be cooking again,,
Guillaume said…
What a feast! As a grownup, I would be happy with that too.
You are such a good soul!
Do you ever get the feeling that money is being short stopped..somewhere? I do! I agree, dear friend, you are a good soul.
Another thing...the parents should make sure those kids take a lunch of good food to school..I mean..what happened to that bit of responsibility? Just wondering here. If there is hardship, there are places to go for food. At least that is how it is supposed to work. Is this a public school? Isn't each state supposed to take care of such things? Just asking here..
Pat and I had very little money..but our children were fed and clothed and educated..through public schools and children could even get a fre breakfast in the mornings if they wanted to. Each state is different I guess. It's all a bit confusing to me. I'm writing too much on your blog..sorry. :)
Mary Ann said…
I was just telling Keith yesterday that it was nearing the end of school, and your kids would be missing your food during the summer. I'm praying for them all!
It's a beautiful offering.. Your food is not only delicious but just so beautiful! I would love to hear some of the stories they tell their parents about the food you are giving them. They won't forget you. :)
Jim said…
Surely one of these kids will remember these meals, Joyce, and she/he will be inspired to become a cook/baker......where there's a will, there's a way.
linda said…
That looks amazing!! I know those kids will never forget it! You are such a beautiful soul... Your son must be so proud to walk in there everyday with these meals.. I can only imagine the expression on their faces!
Tikkun said…
The tray is beautiful. Not only are you feeding the kids nutritious delicious food, you are giving them a visual treat too. I feel sad thinking they will be without your sustenance for the summer. But what a huge contribution you've made to their lives this school year ❤️