Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

 This is the cake I made for my future DIL for cake Friday.

 If I liked cake, this would be my favorite one and I don't even like chocolate.  It's that good.

 You can find the recipe here:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2011/04/let-them-eat-cake.html

 Make sure to use dark cocoa in this recipe.

It is rich and moist and the buttercream frosting compliments it perfectly.  I baked this in a rectangular pan and cut it in two to make layers.


Anonymous said…
mmmm, beautiful cake!!!
I do not like chocolate. But that buttercream frosting would be all gone. YUM YUM.
Guillaume said…
Gosh I LOVE chocolate cakes and this one looks so good I can almost taste it just looking at the pictures... Yet I know I cannot eat it so looking at them is a pure torture. I might make the recipe, although these days I have little time for it.
Cindi Myers said…
That looks SO good!
Is it wrong of me to have just licked the computer screen?
Weekend-Windup said…
I love to eat chocolate cakes. Your cake looks yummy!
Tikkun said…
That looks SOOOO good! That frosting and dark cake in that first picture! I don't even love cake but that slice with a hot cup of black coffee!!!