I spent the day yesterday potting all of my seedlings.  I started everything from seed this year and I used all organic seeds.

 I got a bit carried away.  I sure have a lot of plants.

 I finally ran out of potting soil and pots.

 I have a helper.

 I've started hardening off all of the plants and they are sitting everywhere to get some sun.  I even left them out last night and they look fine this morning.

 The lettuce and radishes are growing in the raised planter.

All of the blueberries are blossoming.  Now if we could just get some rain.  I don't remember ever having such a dry Spring.


It looks like you got everything in order and your garden should be wonderful this summer.

Because I was not sure how many seeds would work, I overdid. I now have 28 tomato plants, with only four raised beds with which to plant them. I do hate to dispose of the seedlings but aside from a few people who might take one or two, I will have to make choices of which will go and which will stay. It will be a fruity Sophie's Choice scenerio.
Winter Moon said…
Brilliant! I've been busy gardening today, too :)

Making the most of it while the weather's fine.
Your helper doesn't look like all that much help, LOL! I hope Teddy's paw has cleared up now.
Susan said…
Thanks for the reminder - I need to get some seedlings in pots! I see that your supervisor, Teddy, has gotten the "best to supervise from a safe distance" position down.
Mary Ann said…
We got a lot of rain last night, the water is standing in the side yard again.

I hope it comes your way!

I am planting, too, in the next few days, if I can recognize my own plants!
Leeanna said…

Wow, sweet little plantlings. I'll be planting my seedlings soon too. I had to replant some of my seedlings because the squirrels got after them. Darned little beasties are HUNGRY out here. We have tried trapping them to move them to the pecan bottom but they are too smart.
Anonymous said…
I guess Your helper was on a break when You took that photo :-)

You sure have a lot of plants to pot now :-)

My blueberries don't even have buds yeat, we had frost here this morning so they'll take it easy a while longer.

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
sure is nothing like pottering about.
Guillaume said…
I wish I was a natural gardiner like you. I better brush up my skills.
Tikkun said…
Who you, go overboard, LOL? Your garden looks bountiful and beautiful and again, amazed by your energy!
LOVE all your delicious goodies growing strong. If i had my druthers I would have an entire yard of containers that are raised planters. I LOVE that one you have. It is charming. And oh so functional.
I never see raised beds without wishing for a couple of them. I always say maybe next year. As time passes it's gets more and more unlikely it will ever happen. But..one never knows.
I see little girl over there cooling her tummy. Mele' does the same thing. Hey, where's your April showers?? Same thing is happening here. Where the heck did our HUGE El Nino disappear to? :(