Remember this tree from a few days ago?  All the blossoms fell off and look what happened!

 Just kidding!  But Teddy and I sure were surprised when we opened the door early this morning.

Teddy went out and tried to eat all of it.


laurie said…
well you did want snow lol,,,just not in April!
Here some places even reach summer temperatures today, not where I live though :-) How odd that You have snow whilewe have much warmer than normal!

Have a great day!

Leeanna said…
Winter is giving everyone up north the finger as the last act of defiance. We are having 50's in the mornings and 80's during the day. I have to plant my primroses. I hope they make it.
Guillaume said…
This is very Spring-like. Spring is not a season, it is the other three seasons all rolled into one.
It sure is pretty. How much did Teddy consume?
Magic Love Crow said…
We were hit with a bad snow storm too! Poor Teddy!
Jim said…
Looks exactly like our typical springs here in Nova Scotia, Joyce. No blossoms on any of our trees yet.....in a couple of weeks, maybe.