How Does Your Garden grow?

 Just a couple weeks ago my lower gardens looked like this.

Here it is this morning. Everything in these gardens are perennials.
 Nothing like a bit of rain to wake up all things green.  We have been so dry that the ground is just soaking this up.

 I have many containers planted with vegetables and herbs.

 This was hours ago and she still hasn't moved.  She doesn't want to get her paws wet.

 I've harvested arugula and radishes from the bed on the right.

 Though the plants are looking healthy, I need sun for them to grow.  I expect that the first sunny day will make a big difference.

 Seedlings awaiting to be relocated.

 We've been working on this garden room.  We are going to pull up the grass and put down new turf.

These lamps come on just before 3:00 am to greet Teddy and I when we go outside.


Anonymous said…
it looks just beautiful, so lush and green,,and its still so early,, it will be a jungle by July!!
Your hard work shows itself!
Both you and Mother Nature have been busy gals!
Leeanna said…
Oh My Goddess!! So green! So pretty!
Guillaume said…
Gosh I really love it!
Alive with green. It's gorgeous out there. A wonderful place to find solace. teddy is so sweet worried about getting her paws wet. And imagine that I thought I was the only one creeping around outside at 3am. Your lights are charming.
1st Man said…
Beautiful as always!!!
Anonymous said…
We are just a bit behind this year!
Just as it finally has started to dry up here more rain will come all weekend they say and quite a lot of it too. I'll need to turn on the radiators again I'm afraid.

Have a great day!

Kay said…
Oh wow! It all looks so gorgeous and I always like seeing adorable Teddy.
Leighway said…
Joyce, I follow you daily and was overjoyed when you turned up on The Hippo on the Lawn as a friend of Tom's. I had lost his blog and just re-discovered it about a week ago.. after going back about 3 years and reading everything from his leaving alcohol to his stay in the hospital in London, etc. I got to the top and noticed that he hadn't posted in a you know if he's alright? I am very fond of him and just want to know that something catastrophic hasn't happened or that he just got done with blogging...would you happen to know? I feel a complete sense of worry and dismay in the thought that he might have finally careened into a fix he couldn't get out of and would be so very grateful just to hear if he is ok. thank you so much. Sandy (leighway)