Rhubarb Hunting

 I wanted to bake strawberry rhubarb pies for some friends for mother's  day so we headed to the country to buy some rhubarb.

 The fields are blooming and are beautiful.

 The market is in a big old barn.

 On weekends they play music and have vendors in the parking lot.

 And bingo...freshly cut rhubarb.

 They also sell their famous blueberry donuts.

On the way home we passed field after field which had been recently planted with corn.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


Anonymous said…
Our rhubarbs are still rather small, especially here in my village. The ones growing where I work however are bigger so now some of us sneak out when we can to pick a stalk or two to have as a snack :-)

Have a great day!

linda said…
Love that White House Fruit Farm... Those blueberry donuts are so good.. I go there every few weeks since I am only 20 min away.. Happy Mother's Day!!
Anonymous said…
beautiful Rhubarb! Ours is barely breaking the ground yet!
Kay said…
Oh wow! I've never had a blueberry donut! That sounds wonderful. The rhubarb pie sounds rather incredible too. What a fun day you had.
CalamityJr said…
What lucky friends you have! Happy Mother's Day!
Mmmm, rhubarb. One of my faves!
Nothing as yummy as a blueberry donut. My hubby's favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy Mother's Day.
Gemmagirl said…
Happy Mother's Day. All is beautiful especially the blog techs fiancé .
Guillaume said…
Oh I love rhubarb! More like the look and the name of it than the rhubarb itself. I remember my grandmother's garden had rhubarb and I think she used to make rhubarb pies and maybe if I am not mistaken rhubarb jam. I do remember eating rhubarb jam on toasts anyway.