The Blog Tech's House

 With the wedding looming in front of us, we have been spiffing up The Blog Tech's house.  They will have lots of visitors. His roses are about to open and his front porch will be draped in beautiful blooms.

 His patio has become the favorite place for he and his fiance to sit and sip their coffee each morning.

 The wisteria keeps the patio much cooler under the pergola.

They eat brunch on the table under the pergola.
And they have planted their first garden. I can't wait for them to pick their first tomatoes.                                                          
This is a nice shady area for them to sit in.
Another view of the raised bed.  The copper tree is actually a sprinkler.  Water shoots out of all the branches.
Another little seating area and a bird bath.

 I placed this stature in the garden years ago and when someone told me she looked like Mary, I instantly glued a pentagram on her chest. No Mary's here!

 These roses are blooming on their front arch.

 It's fun to sit on the front porch and watch all the people walk by.

 It's a cute little place and perfect for them.

I thought I would show you my Mock Orange blooming in my driveway.


That Pentagram Mary statue cracked me up! Good game last night, eh?
Anonymous said…
it looks wonderful,,beautiful yard as well!!
Cottage Tails said…
Oh my you are trickster. I just about spat my drink out at the computer while reading your post re Mary I laughed so much!. The Blog techs home looks really cozy
Susan said…
What a lovely spot!
a charming place to start out. Love it and all the decorations.
1st Man said…
Love it all!

That raised bed is awesome, how are the timbers connected?? So pretty and what a great place to start their lives.
What a lovely little cottage they have to start their lives in.
Heritage Hall said…
What a welcoming abode...they will be blissful.
Where does one find one of those copper trees com sprinkler?
Useful and decorative....would love to add one to our garden.
Their garden adds great charm to an already charming patio area....
Leeanna said…
Hey sweetie, I got a strange comment from you on the music videos for Tuesday, what did you mean?
Beautiful back yard. Oh, your mock orange made me cry. It's so pretty! David killed mine.
Teacats said…
Wonderful place -- best spot for pre-bridal and post-bridal festivities and parties!!! And laughed so hard over the pentagram for Mary!!
Guillaume said…
Lovely house. Very nice place for a newly married couple. we had a rented room in a house owned by another couple. Oh and the statue does look like Mary.
carol pavlik said…
Lovely house and garden. Our wisteria wrecked our pergola so my husband took a hacksaw to it. No blooms this year. I called it the grotto the shade was so deep. Oh well.
sandra hagan said…
Well here I am after a long absence.

Congratulation to the blog tech and his upcoming marriage.

Take good care.

Sandra Hagan - thewildmagnolia
Tikkun said…
Gorgeous! I love their patio!