The Ramp Festival Part 2

Hometown pride.

This ramp festival gets better each year.
You can board a train and take a scenic ride through the mountains.

The Fiance was enthralled with the engine and asked the engineer if he would give her a tour.
He was happy to oblige.

She got to sit in the engineers seat and he gave her a tour of the engine room.  Here she is coming out of the back.

Click on any of the pics to get a closer look.

This is our favorite booth.  A woman from Columbia and a woman from Venezuela make delicious cachapas.

They are cornmeal pancakes cooked on a griddle with cheese and pulled pork.  That little cup is ramp sauce to die for!

Ramp butter, ramp dip and ramp seasonings.

Hillybilly Philly cheese steaks.

The ramp and sausage risotto from this booth is some of the best risotto I've ever eaten.

This guy really cracked us up.  One booth was selling quarts of ramps sauteed in bacon grease.  He bought one and sat here eating the entire quart of ramps plain.  That is true ramp love.


I hope everyone has lots of breath mints handy!
Anonymous said…
wow, some good dishes made with ramps,, some I have never heard of,, that risotto must have been good for you to say that because you have probably eaten it all over the world!
Anonymous said…
It would be so fun to be able to go to one of these festivals, we are so boring over here.

I would have loved to take a tour of that lokomotive and perhaps even more the ride too :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
Your festivals that you attend look such fun.
Guillaume said…
Oh a train! You got me at the train. I love trains.
Mary Ann said…
The cachapas look GREAT!
If I ate all those ramps I'd get a tummy ache. But boy oh boy those dishes sound scrumptious.