Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich

I made The Blog Tech his favorite sandwich for lunch last week.  It is a Vietnamese bahn mi.
 These sandwiches can have a variety of fillings but they almost always have pate', pickled vegetables and cilantro in them.  I spread the buns (use ciabatta or baguette) with wasabi mayonnaise.  You can use plain mayonnaise too.  Then I added thin slices of pate and some truffled ham slices.  It's also traditional to add chicken so I added pieces of marinated chicken too.  Layer some sliced, salted cucumber on top.

I added a bit of this tamarind sauce which adds an extra flavor that is very good.

 I made Asian pickled carrots in advance and added them which is one of the main flavors of this sandwich.  I also added some fresh arugula from my garden.  Add some sliced onions or green onions if you have them.

 Add lots of fresh cilantro.  You have to add cilantro!

 I wrap them tightly in plastic wrap to compress them.  You can see the slice of truffle on the ham in the upper left.  This is a new item I found at my favorite Italian store and it became an instant favorite.

 This made The Blog Tech very happy!


Anonymous said…
They look truly yummy! I wouldn't mind something like that myselkf but right now I'll have the first rhubarb pie for the season :-) It is just cooling of a bit :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
that looks and sounds amazing!!!
Guillaume said…
I love the exotic name, sadly this sandwich is not for me however, as it has ham in it.
That is one SERIOUSLY impressive sandwich. LOOKS absolutely delicious. The Blog Tech is one lucky man.
The JR said…
very interesting looking sandwich
I tried KimChi for the very 1st time yesterday
I liked it, but a couple of hours didn't like me
And the Blog Tech deserves to be happy!
Joy said…
Wow! Your son is soooo spoiled. What a lucky duck or ham in this case! ;-)