What's Blooming?

As the sun came up this morning I was out front checking to see what is blooming.  I figured there must be a lot flowering right now because my porches and patio are covered in pollen.  Teddy and I both have bad allergies.
 The flowers are gone from my tree peonies and the little crowns are forming.  When these split open and show their berries, Fall is on the way!

I took a peak through the snake knot gate.                                                                                                                                     
All the rhododendrons are in bloom.
 This one is about 20 feet high.

 My Japanese lilac is blooming.  You can see the humidity in this photo.

 These roses popped up from the roots of an old rose on my arbor.  The ones on the arbor are 'New Dawn' so I am not sure what these are.

 I planted this clematis to train it on the arch over the gate.

I have this one growing on the other side entwined with roses.  These are covered in buds and will be putting on quite a show shortly.
These 'ladies mantels' have been planted here for about 15 years and suddenly became gigantic.  I am guessing it is time to divide them?  It's a jungle out there!


Anonymous said…
its beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I think the pines are in bloom now, lots of pollen colors everything yellow now. There are both spring flowers and summer flowers in bloom here right now, nature seems confused this eyar since weäve had such a long and warm spring. Only one peony flowers now but my tree peony will open up soon, I only have three big buds this eyar so they better stay for a while :-)

Your garden is beautiful as ever!

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
Lovely garden and flowering plants. Must say though can't wait till your porch is done up for the fall.
Ian's Girl said…
The red rose is probably the rootstock of your New Dawn. Most roses are grafted on to more vigorous varieties, often times Dr. Huey is used. I'm guessing that's the one you have.
Cottage Tails said…
The clematis is going to make quite the show. Lots of photos please. I wonder if Ian's Girl might actually be onto the red rose. How wonderful
Mary Ann said…
I managed to kill the only clematis here :-(

Your yard looks wonderful, as usual!
Kay said…
It all looks so beautiful. My peonies always had ants on them so I couldn't bring them indoors.
Leeanna said…
Your garden is just too beautiful. I'm so jealous.
Ian's Girl said…
I should clarify that the old rose was probably also on Dr Huey, and that is probably the root stock that has grown back, not the New Dawn.

And Ms. Kay, most peonies tend to have ants; but you can cut peonies in bud (once the buds colors up), and it'll be easier to rinse the ants off.
greekwitch said…
Your garden is beautiful. I can think nothing better than enjoying the Sun, a book and a Cup of tea right there. Be well!!!
Guillaume said…
The clematis remind me of the clematis at my parents' place. You have a beautiful garden.
Jim said…
Pollen is starting to accumulate here as well, Joyce and we are all sniffing as well!
Your garden is a few weeks ahead of ours....our Tree Peony is showing it's first bud ever and we are waiting for it to open.
I LOVE 'New Dawn'! It is my favourite rose climber.....whatever the 'root stock' that was used to graft is showing a very pretty rose. Do you find that this will take energy away from the main plant?
I am seriously in love with your SNAKE KNOT GATE. GORGEOUS greenery too.