4th of July Thrift Shopping

 The Blog Tech and his fiance are having their first party at their place for the 4th of July.  I gave away all of my patriotic decoration just last year so I hit the thrift store to see if I could buy some back. Of course, my stuff is long gone but I found some cute new things. Uncle Sam came home with me.....99 cents.

 And how cute are these salt and pepper shakers?  49 cents.

 A funky red serving platter for 49 cents.

 We will have the popcorn popper running that day so these will be perfect.  29 cents.

 An 'America' sign for 99 cents.  This will be cute on the table.

 Four star plates for 99 cents and a Statue of Liberty plate for 1.59.

 These cups can hold utensils, 29 cents each.

Spreaders, napkins, flag toothpicks and a star plate.
I am guessing this is from Canada?
Bunting for the front porch and red utensils.
Lots of flags.  Some of these are vintage.
Window stickers.

And a bonus find...a Roger's silver soup ladle for 1.99.  It was black but it cleaned up well.


Gemmagirl said…
Great finds, sure to make the 4th special. I'm not sure about the Canadian ware, though it does look like something that was around here in the 60s.
You did a great job finding patriotic paraphernalia. and those prices were stellar. The fun is in the planning.
sandra said…
Nice finds! They are all set now. Love the spoon!
The JR said…
Great haul! You found a lot of good deals.

I went junkin' on Saturday and picked up several good finds too.

I "heart" me some junkin'.
I'll be interested in hearing what's on the 4th of July party menu -- gotta be hot dogs for sure! And speaking of thrifting, there'll be a whole boatload of San Jose Sharks jerseys available soon, I'm sure. It sure was sweet to see Sid hoist The Cup last night!
Guillaume said…
I could have ome of them hot dogs.
Mary Ann said…
I have been gone all weekend but back to see your latest finds! I think I need to thrift tomorrow! Love the ladle!
PAK said…
I have a couple of those Statue of Liberty plates. I think I bought them during the Bicentennial in '76. I don't remember what I paid for them then.
Some great finds, Joyce!! I need to get busy and find my 4th decorations! I loved the spoon!
chickpea678 said…
You are one talented shopper!!!