A Festival in the Woods

 We went to one of our favorite festivals yesterday.

 It's nestled in the woods on a wonderful farm.

 So, though it was killer hot, it was shady under the tall pines.

 This is the farms chicken coop.

Lunch was being served at the barn.
This was a cute booth....Crackpots.
A vintage pickup towing a teardrop camper.
 Another vintage car.
On the way home we stopped at farm markets.

 This one sold a bit of everything.

 Teddy was happy when I returned home.  She lays under her umbrella even when it's not sunny.

I bought these wonderful glass mushrooms at the festival.


Anonymous said…
I do like that chicken coop! and the teardrop camper is just pefect!

There's something with mushrooms, I just like them no matter if they are real or made from something else.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Great pictures, as usual. I'd love to go to a festival in the woods. But ideally more like in August and September, when the temperatures might be a bit cooler (here anyway).
I've never heard one of those tiny trailers being called a "teardrop trailer" before but it's a perfect name!
Love those sweet glass mushrooms. Never saw a teardrop trailer before. Cute. Looks like you had a GREAT time at the festival. I liked the chicken coop. cool building.
The JR said…
I love festivals. We have the Tomato Festival in our small town this weekend. On Friday night we will go to the street dance and work on our diet plan. It's called sweat the fat off.

Your mushrooms are precious.
gloriahanaway said…
Love your mushrooms! I have 3 of the bell style- I saw some decorating your pots a while back. Lovely.
chickpea678 said…
You are an artist through and through. I love your glass mushrooms! My fave was the truck and teardrop trailer!