A Summer Garden

 Bay Leaves




 Lady's Mantle and Fothergilla
 Clematis and New Dawn


 Salem Witch Day Lily

 Oakleaf Hydrangeas

 And when you run out of containers but still have plants, plant them in a bag of soil.  Cucumbers


Ms Misantropia said…
I rarely comment but I visit you quite often. Your cooking and baking blows me away, and I enjoyed the garden tour. Happy Summer!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful as always!
I was rather late putting my potatoes in the ground (and a good thing that was since we had those really late frost nights) so they aren't especially big yet. No fresh potatoes for midsummer from my own patch but they are rather cheap in the grocery store now so I'll buy some for midsummer's eve.

Have a great day!

Everything looks lush and beautiful!!! Hope you are surviving the summer!!!
My Rare One's garden is growing like gangbusters (mainly root veggies) but for some reason the garlic started well but then crapped out. Too much rain for it perhaps.
Mary Ann said…
I am going to try cukes in bags next year!
Guillaume said…
I envy you for being such great gardener. I cannot wait to start gardening myself. Oh and my parents too have clematis. I miss them.
sandra said…
I cant believe you planted in a bag of soil,lol. Thats just Awesome! Everything looks gorgeous! :}
LUSH and green. BEAUTIFUL.
Leighway said…
Joyce-found some info on Tom (Hippo on the Lawn)

thought you'd enjoy.
sandy (leighway)
The JR said…
hahaha, love the cucumbers in the soil bag

picked our first zucchini and eggplant yesterday.....and yes, I fried both!

You have a beautiful garden.
GRIEF, but you are smart! What a great idea and I have a bag of garden soil just sitting out there on the patio..but it's NOW going to get planted! :) Thanks Joyce!
p.s. Everything looks just gorgeous...wish we had a wee bit of the humidity that the East Coast has...