I took my camera out for a walk just as the sun was rising.  This is the first year, since I was a little girl, that I started my marigolds from seed  and they are fantastic.

 I will never buy another marigold plant again.  I'm saving seeds from these to start next year.

 I planted lots of Nasturtiums this year too. 

 My planters are just starting to fill in.

 I started celery from seed and it was so small I was afraid to plant it in my main garden so I planted it in these pots.  So far so good.

 The yellow day lilies are blooming.

 I like how I caught the sunrise streaming in through the trees.

 Blurry Snapdragons.

 And this is my first pumpkin bloom.  I hope it sets.

 I always aim to get my first red tomato by the 4th of July.  This should be it.

I started making Fall themed mirror chains.  Click for a closer look.


Anonymous said…
everything looks beautiful and that tomato looks like it will be perfect for the fourth,, they just always taste so much better when allowed to ripen on the vine don't they,,I think its the magic of sunshine and the moon,,
the Fall mirror chains must look brilliant when the sun plays off them,,
Marigolds always remind me of being a kid. Seems that was the flower of choice in our neighborhood. Like your pretty mirror chains too.
It all looks terrific!
Guillaume said…
Here it is all cold and rainy, so it is bloom and gloom.
Jim said…
You are really having a 'blooming good time', I see!
The JR said…
I love the star, moon and sun in your planter. Also love the larger moon. Neat garden art.

We planted an Early Girl in a bucket on the porch and we have been getting red tomatoes for about 3 weeks now. Our garden tomatoes still look like grapes because we were so late getting out garden planted.

Happy 4th of July. I know you will cook a lot of good food.
chickpea678 said…
Those marigolds are stupendous! All the flowers are! I love that you have a goal for your first tomato & I love seeing where one of your mirror chains is hanging ❤️. Those wind chimes must sound beautiful!