The Blog Tech's Favorite Meal

After highs in the 90's for weeks, we've had slightly cooler weather so I thought I would make The Blog Tech one of his favorite meals. Mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and roasted carrots and broccoli.
 After I made the mini meatloaves, I wrapped them in bacon.  Using thin sliced bacon works well when making these.

 I serve them sitting on garlic toasts so I made some with leftover ciabatta.

 The creamed spinach is made with a parmesan bechamel sauce.

 I really like making mini meatloaves because they are perfect one portion servings. 

 I sent them over to he and his fiance topped with chive mashed potatoes and surrounded with garlic roasted broccoli and honey butter roasted carrots.

And topped with dollops of creamed spinach and a hearty beef gravy to pour over everything.  The temps didn't quite cool off and my kitchen was about 120 degrees but my kids thought it was worth it.


Anonymous said…
That looks just delicious! I like every ingredient in this!

Have a great day!

Man, that looks good and I just had lunch!
Susan said…
I can feel my arteries closing up just thinking about that meal, but oh baby!
Mary Ann said…
Joyce, I am getting ready to go out of town for five days with Jester, and I am woefully behind reading blogs. I see you have posted another great meal! I only wish Keith and I still ate like this, it looks so very good!
Guillaume said…
Mini meatloaves? What a great idea! especially wrapped in bacon. I haven't had meatloaf in years.

Here it has finally started being hot and feeling summery, but they say we might have a cool summer. I hope it will cool as it would be easier for my pregnant wife. But a few weeks of hot weather here and there is most welcome. And tomorrow we might have thunder storms.
This is now my new FAVORITE meal. Comfort food redefined. LOVE it.
greekwitch said…
Could you adopt me? Your son has excellent taste!
Tikkun said…
Wow that looks good! I'm glad I just had dinner!