The Driveway Garden

 Though I have 2 other gardens planted, I still do a lot of container gardening in my driveway.  Hey, it's close to the house and always gets the most attention. I have 50 tomatoes planted here this year.  If the do well, I will be doing lots of canning.

 I do succession planting with things like green onions and lettuces.  They do very well.

 I have blueberries, beets, eggplants, potatoes, olives, bay leaves and every herb you can think of planted here.

 Though the pepper plants are still small, they are covered in peppers.  The zucchini likes it here too.

 Tomatoes, basil and marigolds; all started from seed.

 None of my blossoms have set yet but I expect that to happen soon.

 I plant basil under all of the tomatoes.

 It's sprinkling this morning and  a certain puppy won't walk 5 feet on the wet patio to get to the dry spot under her umbrella.

 Beans growing up the light post.

All of my snapdragons came back from last year.
Cilantro, basil, tarragon and a cucumber grow in these pots.  I even have celery and okra growing in pots. Are you a pot planter too?


You need to make like Sir Walter Raleigh and spread your cloak over the puddle so Her Royal Highness Teddy can walk across it and stay dry.
Guillaume said…
Blueberries, beets and olives? That is like, my dream garden!
Mary Ann said…
We are definitely pot planters here... not as extensively as you, though.
I'll do a post about it in a few days.
You have your very own Farmer's Market right there in your yard. That PUP is too cute for words staying put and not venturing out. It poured here. I got drenched. Dry pups are best.
Sandra Dean said…
I think you have just inspired me to reallyyy try planting in containers this year so I can chase what little sun I have in my yard.Thanks for the push ;].
Teddy, you are to much,lol.
Joy said…
Love all the galvanized metal planters! Hopefully, I'll be able to have a small garden again as well. Enjoy yours! :)
The JR said…
I love your little mushroom collection. Olives. Like real green olives? You must tell me more about if they make and how you preserve them.

I've had several bay trees, but the winter always gets them.

Other than tomatoes, we grow all the rest of our stuff in the ground. We did just build a herb container garden though.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the olive tree only gave me about 8 olives last year so i did nothing with them but i am hoping for more this year. i'll post them if i get enough. i winter over my bay trees inside and they do really well. they grow like crazy.
Anonymous said…
Magnificent garden!
I wish I could have blueberries in pots here but this is on the border to what they can manage a normal winter so I must have them in the ground. Don't matter what I do, lots of grass grows up in the bushes and the plants aren't happy.

50 tomatoes :-) :-) Yes You will have a lot of cannng to do if You have a good tomato year :-)

Have a great day!

I am NOT a container gardener but I WANT to be. That probably doesn't count but some day I will give it a try again. I have lots of pots ..but not food and that is what I want to do. Not sure if I am just lazy or failing at it once has me shy of trying it again. No matter. I will try again. But not this year.
Yours look so fresh and organized.
chickpea678 said…
Wow wow wow, do you ever have a green thumb! I don't even comprehend how diligent you must be to keep that container garden watered!